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For Cat's Sake is always looking for qualified, responsible and loving foster homes. If you're not looking for the life long commitment of owning a cat of your own but love animals, then fostering could be just right for you. Would you like to help?

With no physical shelter to "house" our animals, cats in our program reside in private homes of qualified foster caregivers.  They become part of the family which makes the transition from foster home to permanent home much easier.  Some of our foster cats live in multi-pet households and some foster homes have children.  All of our foster cats remain within our organization until they can be placed in loving, permanent homes.

Fostering is temporary, but its very rewarding.  You pick the ages of cats you would like to foster and you let us know how often you are available.  Some foster homes like to foster pregnant cats or mother cats with new kittens.  Other foster homes would rather care for adult cats.  From time to time we may encounter a cat or kitten that requires extra special attention or may need to be nursed back to health.  Some simply need a little socializing to overcome their shyness. For Cat's Sake provides all vaccinations, medications, spays/neuters and pays for all vet care.  You supply a good diet and cat litter. And, of course, all the love, attention and affection that the animal needs.

So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to give fostering a try?   If so, please complete the Fostering Application Form below.  We would love to give you further information and welcome you to our foster network. If you can't wait that long, then give us a call at (414) 921-0910.


Foster Application

For Cat's Sake is always in need of foster homes to care for kittens and cats until they are adopted.  We are a 100% volunteer-based organization.  We do not have a shelter, which means all kittens and cats we rescue need to be placed in foster homes until they are adopted.  Volunteering to foster requires a commitment of time, love, patience and a desire to help abandoned and unwanted felines become properly socialized and find permanent, loving homes.  It is also a financial commitment to provide appropriate food (kitten/cat; dry/canned), fresh litter and a healthy, happy environment (warm bedding, toys, attention, etc).

Foster placements may be as short as a few days or a week, or as long as a few months, depending on the age and health of the foster animal and how soon they are adopted.  If you prefer shorter or longer stays for your foster animals, or have any other special requests or questions, please let us know.



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Cats requiring a lot of socialization (e.g. stressed semi-feral with potential)

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Fostering is as much fun as it is work!  Do you have any concerns, preferences, etc. that you would like to share that will enable us to place foster kittens/cats that are best suited to your family/household situation?

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While we prefer that you fill out the Foster Application form online above, you can also download a printer-friendly Foster Application form here.

If you prefer, you can print this out, fill it in and bring it to a member of For Cat's Sake at one of our "Meet & Greet" sessions. Check the Events Calendar on the Home page for dates. Alternatively, you send it to us via USPS. Click here for our mailing address.